We see Kenya as a nation of entrepreneurial spirit where tens of thousands of individuals work to create small pockets of wealth and employment; where ideas abound; where the spirit of self-improvement is well developed.

It has to be.

While leaders regularly focus solely on their own agendas, it becomes necessary for ordinary Kenyans to find their own solutions to problems. How can rural girls get better access to schooling? How to build low cost housing? Citizen projects have even to find ways to electrify villages. Kenya is a nation of people often pushed to rely on its own resourcefulness for social and economic development.

Revisioning Kenya provides a platform for showcasing this resourcefulness. We aim to feed into, and capitalise on, this groundswell of effort. At each of our sessions, a series of stimulating talks are given by creative thinkers drawn from Kenya, around the continent, and abroad, who put forward their ideas for effecting positive change in Kenya.

We gather a selection of the brightest brains and skills to impart their ideas on forging a future that addresses and repairs the issues thrown up both by the recent post election violence, and which have afflicted Kenya for years.

Mixing young and old, radical and innovative, Revisioning Kenya seeks to showcase expansive projects and solutions and where possible provide appropriate networks to take them forward.

The topics of human rights, gender, social entrepreneurship, citizens activity and good governance all feature, in an attempt to actively assess and create new strands for Kenyans to work with in revising and reworking those elements of society that clearly have failed.

Since our inception in 2008, speakers have included peacemakers Ambassador Bethwell Kiplagat (now patron) and Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, molecular biologist, Onesmo ole Moi-Yoi, visionary city mapper Alfred Omenya, ICT guru Kevit Desai, Ugandan inventor Dr Moses Musaazi, comedian turned politican John Kiare and child soldier and writer Ishmael Beah.

In 2009 we have had Nation Media Group CEO Linus Gitahi (who’s idea has spawned a dedicated new project), filmaker Judy Kibinge (who subsequently had her film picked up for general release in schools accross the country), Kamau Gachigi, chair Science and Technology Park Steering Committee, Nairobi University, poet Jacob Oketch, Mathare teacher Onesmo Okidi, ICT innovator Jessica Colaco, Ashoka Changemaker nominee Samuel Muhunyu and many more…..

We aim not just to showcase ideas but to provide a network of passionate individuals and organisation who can effectively collaborate as necessary to help Revision Kenya.